247 Manchester Locksmiths

Manchester Emergency Locksmiths have been operating as qualified emergency locksmiths in the Manchester area for over 6 years. We are highly trained with certificates from the leading lock manufacturers.

We have been helping people for many years as Emergency Locksmith, and the quality of our work is confirmed by numerous reviews and letters of gratitude from our customers.

We work with private and commercial customers for cash and non-cash payments.

We understand the stress you can experience during any type of lock issue, so to make things easier and faster we always try to arrive in 30-40min after you call us. Your call will always be answered by a professional locksmith, who will promptly solve the problem. We work around the clock!

Our motto – Ready always to help you out in a difficult situation!

Our Service Differentiator

As a local Manchester company, we see ourselves as being completely community driven. We are firmly committed to being the best local locksmith, that residents of Greater Manchester can depend on. We differentiate our service in a number of ways, such as:

  • Offering a true 24-hour service – no automated call answering system here, only real human beings.
  • No call out charge means exactly that – you won’t find us coming up with additional surcharges, or some other reason why you need to pay something towards a call out.
  • Customer-centric work ethic – the customer comes first, it’s as simple as that. We always put your real needs, above our profit.
  • A real guarantee – we don’t just pay lip service to the idea of a guarantee. All of the work we carry out is fully guaranteed, parts and labour.
  • Here to help – whether you need assistance with a security report for your home insurance company, or need a full upgrade of a security system for a commercial premises, we aim to please. Every client, no matter their size, gets the same, exceptional service.

Before reading on, check out some of our customer reviews to see how other people feel about our services.

Free and Fair Quotations

When you ask us to give you a quotation for work you need to be done, we will never over-inflate the price, or ask you to pay any fee for the inspection prior to giving you a quote. Unlike some companies, who work a sliding price scale, matched to the means of the customer, we offer the same price to everyone. Whether you need a new lock for your flat, or a whole security system for a warehouse, you get charged using the same price structure.

Lock Replacement with No Delay

As a professional Emergency Locksmith, we know that when you need a lock changed, you sometimes need it done quickly. We carry a massive range of locks and barrels in stock, so there is no wait while we order parts in for you. This means that for most people who call us for an emergency lock change, we can have the task completed within just a few hours, and often much sooner.

Don’t deal with a third-rate supplier, who is not ready to invest in the stock they need to offer the best level of service. Instead, deal with a local company, that has committed to stocking almost every type of lock our customers might need.

Low Impact Assisted Entry

The driving concept behind our work ethic, is to always do what is right for the customer, at all times. This ethic carries over to our assisted entry service. If you have locked yourself out of a building, and need us to break into it for you, we will always do so in the least damaging way possible, even if this means the task is harder for us. Don’t worry that we will take a sledgehammer to your door, and leave you with a gaping hole that needs to be shored up. We will always explain to you everything we are going to do, and ask that you confirm that the method of entry we use is approved by you. We always take care of your property as if it is our own, showing the care and attention required to minimise damage on entry.

A Rapid Resolution to Your Problems

We have set ourselves a hard target to reach, with regard to call out times. We always aim to be on-site and ready to work, within 40 minutes of any call out being made. While we admit, that there are times we simply cannot meet this target, we always come close. If there is likely to be a delay with your emergency locksmith call out, we will always contact you, and let you know what time we will be on-site.

Locksmithing Done Right

By now, you should realise that we are entirely driven by the needs of our customers. We know that as a small community business, the way we treat our customers is key to ensuring our success and longevity as a business. Our motto is “Ready always to help you out in a difficult situation!”, and we mean it. Regardless of how much you are worth to us as a client, we will always treat you with the same respect and courtesy, and aim to provide you with the best locksmithing services in Manchester. Every time. No compromises.